Easter Sunday park walk

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We discovered something interesting about our new boy Fyodor today. 🙂

We took him for a long walk around the park again, and he met a few other dogs with the calm demeanour we’re getting used to with him. He really doesn’t seem to like getting his paws muddy though, and will go round puddles rather than walk through them. We had a funny incident when Jean walked over a wooden plank crossing a really muddy patch, and Fyo decided he was going to stay clean by walking over the plank too! 😆

We came across the swinging metal gate that concerned him the first time we went through it, and he managed to navigate it with only a little encouragement from behind. He’ll have the hang of it after a few more goes through.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been picking up a few signals about his hearing. I’ve been getting the distinct impression that he responds to vibration rather than sounds. I was watching him today as cars approached us from behind on the road, and noticed that he only responds as they pass and go through his field of vision. He doesn’t respond at all to traffic approaching from the front. My suspicions were strengthened when loud noises happened behind us that even I could hear, and he didn’t respond. Occasionally he appears surprised that things are happening behind him unnoticed, such as the woman jogging and brushing past us. When we got home I waited until he was lying on his bed facing away from us, and I rattled the tub of treats, called his name and rustled a plastic bag. No response. Same with general shouting and clapping. No response.

So I think Fyo’s deaf, and as you can imagine we love him all the more for it! 🥰
We’ll have to take it into consideration going forward and make allowances for him.

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