Fyodor Dogg arrives home!

Fyodor Dogg arrives home!

Header image: Fyodor's first day here with us

© Steve Simons

After weeks of anticipation, Fyodor is here at home with us!

A rescue from a Romanian shelter, he’s been in the UK for around 5 weeks but has made amazing progress given the emaciated, abused state he arrived in. Major credits go to his foster mum who’s made great progress with his confidence and slowly feeding him.

He’s a 9 year-old neutered black Labrador cross (possibly Staffy or Rotty) and has had a really bad time of things prior to coming to the UK. He’s been attacked by other dogs in the shelter and had horrific injuries to heal. Thankfully he’s pretty much all healed physically, but we know it’s going to take a while to get over his psychological trauma. Of course, we’re willing and able to help gently lead him through it.

We’d seen videos and photos of him before going to see him last Sunday and making arrangements to adopt him.

He was dropped off at around 11am and has been settling in really well. So far his favourite thing appears to be sliced ham.