og:image, clients and hot buns!!

I’m trying to stick to the habit of recording three good things that happened to me during the day. Here’s today’s list.

  1. I got my og:image functionality working! There was an error in the template that I’m using that was allowing white space to collect around the URL derived by the build script. A call out to the Fedi community saw @11ty respond and put me on the right track by recommending I remove the white space. Ta-da! It works.
  2. At least one of my Employability clients today had me in stitches just by being themselves. I love Manchester’s Deaf community. Please don’t ever change!
  3. Waiting for the train home, a server behind the counter at the coffee shop asked if I wanted my cinnamon swirl bun heated up. After I’d got over the culture shock I decided to give it a try. Honestly, game-changer!