Potential new dog update...

Border collie resting on the crest of a grassy, flowery hill with rolling Welsh hills and a lightly clouded sky behind him. His tongue is lolling out comically and he''s looking at the viewer.

Header image: The late, great, Chip Dogg (RIP)

© Steve Simons - All Rights Reserved

I’m no stranger to dogs. I grew up in a family where there was always at least one Golden Retriever around. There was only a couple of years after I left home that there wasn’t one in the background or stuck to my side.

Now that more than 12 months have passed since we lost Chip Dogg, we’re more open to taking on another dog in need of a home.

We’ve been put in touch through a friend with a lady who runs a charity that rescues dogs from Romanian kill shelters and re-homes them in the UK. We’ve been to see one already, but we just didn’t feel that we were the adoptive family for him.

Another one, a young black Lab (possibly Staffie cross from the photos and videos I’ve seen) that has had a terrible time in the shelter environment. He’s been brutally attacked by other dogs and although his terrible physical wounds have healed, his emotional scars might take a bit longer. We’ve agreed that we’re more than ready to give the time and love to help him become happy and trusting.

There was a bit of delay as the charity lady has had some issues to sort out, but she’s going to visit him in his foster home again soon and hopefully invite us for a meet and greet in the coming weeks. He has progressed really well since landing in the UK, and he now accepts wearing a collar and he appears to be really affectionate. It’s lovely to see him wagging his tail nearly all the time, and he’s slowly putting on weight from the emaciated state he arrived in.

Fingers crossed we get to meet him soon!

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