SignHealth presentation on healthy relationships

Promotion poster showing images from today's presentaion to our wellbeing group by SignHealth staff.

Header image: Post-event promotional poster for today

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Our Wellbeing group had another visit from Molly from SignHealth today, and she brought her colleague Sue to help out. They gave us a presentation on healthy relationships.

We learned about what makes a relationship healthy, and why it’s important for us to work towards one. They also taught us how to spot the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and how to deal with various forms of abuse that can occur.

We had a lunch break and then we resumed for the last section that dealt with bad behaviours like stalking and sexting, and what to do about it.

Molly and Sue are great presenters, and communication through BSL to our Deaf clients without having to rely on interpreters. This helps the audience stay engaged, and helps better retention of information.

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